D-Tablets 80c Sale

Tablet form, perfect for travel!

D-Tablets are a daily supplement formulated with all-natural ingredients to support a healthy urinary tract and prevent persistent infections and cystitis symptoms.

SAFE AND EFFECTIVE D-Tablets are made of 100% pure compressed D-Mannose. Within a laboratory setting, D-Mannose has been proven to support urinary tract health by flushing out bacteria such as E.coli from the bladder. It has been trusted by physicians and naturopathic practitioners for many years.

PERFECT FOR those suffering from frequent UTIs or cystitis. We are proud to offer a product that is also non-GMO, gluten free and vegan.

UTI STINGS - Delivering safe and effective supplements. Specially formulated for those that already have sensitive bladders and with personal care in mind, so you can feel confident and comfortable every day.

Recommended intake as a dietary supplement

Take 1-2 tablets, 1 - 3 times daily with water, with or without meals, or as directed by your healthcare professional. 80 tablets are in every bottle.
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