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After years of suffering from UTI and IC with little long-term success from traditional doctors, medications and treatments, I decided to search for natural solutions to heal my body. Throughout my journey, I envisioned UTI Stings: a platform to support, encourage and empower anyone who is experiencing UTI or IC pain, regardless of gender or age.

At UTI Stings, we believe in a holistic approach to urinary tract health and offer all-natural premium supplements from brands we trust. We understand the struggles and exhaustion of chronic pain and the frustrations that come from a lack of clear-cut answers. Through a careful and considered curation of blogs and wellness partners, we hope to equip you with the knowledge you need to take back control of your health and well-being.
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Our Story

After a decade of suffering from recurring UTI and IC, I found myself at breaking point.

One of the main struggles I learnt over time was that traditional testing methods and diagnosis were unreliable. I spent years seeing doctors, urologists, gynos, physiotherapists and nutritionists on a search for a cure. After several years and multiple doctors prescribing the same antibiotic treatment, this led to additional complications from overuse of antibiotics, it became obvious that these treatments were only a short-term solution with worsening side-effects.

Siblings in my family had also been diagnosed with IC, between us we tried more invasive procedures and treatments, desperate to find relief. These included Botox in the bladder, ialuril, cystoscopy, CT/IVP scan, ultrasounds, bladder distention’s, cauterization, Paroxetine and Macrodantin. These procedures and medications provided very little success (some of these procedures worsened the bladder pain and triggered a new UTI). After trying everything, we knew our bodies needed a break.

Knowing there was little research on cures for chronic UTI and IC, I continued reading books, talking to doctors and practitioners all over the world, listening to audio books and podcasts. One audio book in particular; ‘Super Attractor’ by Gabrielle Bernstein discussed the power of intention and manifestation, and the understanding that our body could heal itself.

This led to relentless researching of UTI prevention and natural remedies. I was truly relieved that I could break the cycle with supplements and diet changes. Knowing UTI affects us all differently, I was lucky enough to find a natural supplement that wards off oncoming infection, stops existing infection from worsening and reduces symptoms altogether. I’d like to share years of personal experience and research with you here.


Our Message

For those going through a similar condition, I hope my story gives you a sense of hope and empowers you to search and continue searching until you find the remedies and treatments that work for you. It can be extremely overwhelming and stressful but you are not alone and I truly believe in these products and I hope this platform helps you to find answers.

Jazzi x

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